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Welcome to Stuart Mill Farms located in Oakton, Fairfax County Virginia. We're Kathy and Larry Hough and well....
…It all began in late summer of 1992 when I met a llama breeder at a deli while attending a local business fair. I felt compelled to meet these regal, inspiring animals. The breeder introduced me to all the llamas at his exhibit, but one particular llama stood out. His name was Jack Be Nimble. He acted very shy at first, but as he grew more inquisitive, I grew very fond of him. The llamas had a magical grace and quietness about them. I was Intrigued by their striking personalities and how easily they accepted the hands-on, noisy crowd. Might llamas be what we had been looking for?
Returning later that afternoon with my husband Larry, I found that the breeder had left because of the summer heat. Our first farm visit was a marvel of fiber colors, ages and personalities. The breeder explained "Llamas 101" as we were touring the farm. The hands-on concept was perfect for us because it allowed us to familiarize and learn the necessary skills needed to own llamas. We were hooked on llamas!
Llamas would be the ideal animals to raise on our small acreage and the lay of our land. Larry surprised the family for Christmas with two geldings.  Jack Be Nimble and a companion Haarlem Night. At a later visit to the breeder, we purchased a gelding, a bred female and a young herd sire. Being new to showing, breeding and birthing of llamas and with Larry's work related travel restraints, we hired a farm manager, Ty Harris, in the summer of 1996 and Heidi Swain (Ty’s fiancee) fills in when needed. In spring of 1998 we purchased a 25-acre farm in Round Hill Virginia which accommodates Ty and Heidi along with the increasing llama herd.

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Welcome to Stuart Mill Farms located in Oakton and Round Hill, Virginia. We're Ty Harris and Heidi Swain the Farm Managers.
The Round Hill properity is located in Loudoun County and provides abundant hay with a recently created pond for pasture and crop irrigation and little relaxing fishing. The herd includes herd sires of Bolivian, Chilean and Peruvian bloodlines, junior herd sires, pets: livestock guards, fiber producers and or companions and show ring quality geldings, yearlings, bred females, and crias (babies) for sale.
In early 2001 we hired Heidi Swain full time as assistant manager / herds women, to Ty Harris our farm manager. Our farm managers have many years of hands-on llama experience since 1988; breeding diverse bloodlines, birthing 100 plus crias, showing, 4-H, gentling llamas with all aptitudes and personalities, sales, shearing and fiber, and transporting across country.
As breeders we strive to educate the public and fellow breeders. We encourage new owners and old to keep an open mind and continue learning. Use your local llama associations LAMAS (Llama Assocation of the MidAtlantic States) and GALA (Greater Appalachian Llama and Alpaca Assocation) also ILR (International Lama Registry) resources usually books, internet pamphlets, videos are available. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or get involved. The only stupid question is the one not asked. We learn new things at every llama event we attend. 
We infused west cost blood lines to the east cost, while establishing a foundation herd. Selective breeding within a small herd allows us to enjoy and concentrate on quality.  As managers they wear many hats, Ty’s specialty equipment maintenance, grounds keeper and haying, pasture seeding, mobile sawmill service. Where Heidi’s interests; nutritionist, birthing, secretary -sales, veterinarian technician, showing (halter and performance classes) show history, fiber and teacher for public education functions (farm tours, parades). Come visit us at a few of these yearly llama events.
Offering hands-on “Llamas 101" class for those of you who would like to learn more, or not sure if llamas are for you.
The long hours are worth it,  just to see a child smile while hugging a llama.
We have been GALA member since 1993 Heidi BOD Jan 04 as GALA District 4 Rep. and Jan 05 as GALA secretary. LAMAS member since 1992 election committee and


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