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  Llama Basics

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 Basic Care Information

Loudoun County VA Extension Office - hay list

Download the Adobe PDF format pamphlets to read and or print, by clicking on the title of the pamphlet.

Complaments of (RMLA) Rocky Mountain Llama & Alpaca Assocation 

Complaments of the Camelid Community Standards of Care Working Group
Minimum Standards of Care for Llamas & Alpacas
Recommended Practices in Caring for Llamas & Alpacas 
USDA National Animal Identification System  Guidance for
Small scale or Non-Commercial Producers 

Complaments of the (ILR) International Llama Registery
ILR : I Want a Llama Flyer
ILR: Llama Facts for New Owners
ILR: Llama Housing and Fencing
ILR : Feeding Camelids
ILR : Llama Herd Management
ILR : Llama Medical Management
ILR : Heat Stress in Llamas
ILR : Mama Llama
ILR : Guard Llamas
ILR : Guard Llamas Guidelines
ILR : Llama Fiber
ILR : Packing with Llamas

Resource Sites
LAMAS : Llama Facts Brochure
Plants Toxic to Llamas
Poisonous Plants Mount Lehman Llamas
Interstate Travel Health Regulations
International Camelid Institute (ICI)
I Want A Llama! dot Com
Llama Q & A page
Sheep and
Llama Directory

Resource Sites
The Hay Masters
Online Camelid Community
Merck Veterinary Manual
Camelid Working Group (CWG)
Riley Identification Systems micro chips
U. S. Food and Drug Administration
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Camelid Associations by Region USA
Greater Appalchian Llama Alpaca Association (GALA)
Llamas Assocation of the MidAtlantic States (LAMAS)
Alpaca Llama Show Assocation (ALSA)
International Llama Registry (ILR)
American Miniature Llama Assocation
The Alpaca Registry Inc. (ARI)
Llama Futurity Association (LFA)
Southern States Llama Association
South Central Llama Association (SCLA)
Llama Association of North America (LANA)
Pack Llama Trial Association
Alpaca Owners & Breeders Association (AOBA)
New England Alpaca Owners and Breeders Assoc. (NEAOBA)
Mid Atlantic Alpaca Association (MAPACA)
Great Lakes Alpaca Association
Alpaca Breeders of Umpqua Valley
Rocky Mountain Llama and Alpaca Association  (RMLA)
Collectible Llamas, Inc (CLI)
Suri Llama Assoc & Registry

   Camelid Associations By State
Arkansas State

Llama Association of Arkansas (LAArK)
California State
California International Llama Association (Cal-ILA) 
Central Cost Llama Association
Llamas Information Network    Calif www. ?
Llama Association of Southern California (LASC)
Colorado State
Rocky Mountain Llama and Alpaca Association (RMLA)
Llamas of Central Colorado ( )
Florida Alpaca and Llama Association, Inc.
Georgia State
Georgia Llama and Alpaca Social Organization (GLASO)
Idaho State
Western Idaho Llama Association (WILA)
Indiana State
Hoosier Llama Association (HLA)
Iowa State
Iowa Llama Fiber Guild
Iowa Llama Association ( )
Kentucky State
Kentucky Llama and Alpaca Association (KLAA)
Maryland State
Maryland Alpaca Breeders Association
Maine State
Maine Llama Association
Michigan State
Michigan Llama Association
Missouri State
Missouri Llama Association
Minnesota State
Llamas of Minnesota
Nebraska State
Nebraska Llama Association
New Hampshire
New Hampshire Llama Association (NHLA)
New Mexico State
New Mexico Alpaca Breeders
New York State
New York Llama and Alpaca Association (NYLLA)
Empire Alpaca Association  
Ohio State
Ohio River Valley Llama Association (ORVLA)
NorthEast Ohio Llama Asociation (NEOLA)
Oregon State
Central Oregon Llama Association (COLA)
Southern Oregon Llama Owners (SOLO)
Willamette Valley Llama Association
Pennsylvania State
Pennsylvania Llama and Alpaca Association (PLAA)
Tennessee State
Tennesse Llama Community
Vermont State
Vermont Llama and Alpaca Association
Virginia State
Loudoun Alpaca Assoc.
Washington State
Llama Owners of Washington State (LOWS)
Southwest Washington Llama Association (SWWLA)
Wisconsin State
Wisconsin Organization of Lama Enthusiasts, Inc. (ORGLE)

Camelid Associations By Country
Llamas in the United Kingdom
Llama Association of Australia
British Llama and Alpaca Association
Canadian Llama and Alpaca Association (CLAA)
Ontario Camelids Association (OLA)


4-H Camelid Groups
Loudoun Llama Lovers VA
Sonna Llama Farm 4-H Club WV 

Fiber Mills
ustom Woolen Mills
MacAuslands Woollen Mills
Morning Star Fiber
Vista Farm LLC  484-264-6151  
Central Virginia Fiber Mill

Fiber, Spinning & Weaving Information
 ALSA Fiber Shows
Iowa Llama Fiber Guild
Llama Fiber Lovers
Blue Ridge Spinners & Weavers Guild VA
Waterford Weavers Guild VA

Cliper & Shear Sales & Reapir
Hemp's Power Tool Repair, Inc MD
Premier 1
Sheepman Supply Co. MD

Lama Shearing Services
Jonathan Sides:  Cell Phone: 919-491-0845 Cornerstone Farm: 540-672-6343
Jamee Hall :  540-636-6535 home Front Royal, VA
 Tabbethia Haubold : Yaphank, NY

Llama Banner  
American Livestock Magazine 
Llama Life II  
International Camelid Quarterly
Alpaca World Magazine
? Camelids Chronicle Quarterly
Membership Secretary, Church Farm, Eversholt, Milton Keynes MK17 9DU, ENGLAND
Backcountry Llama
Cool Camelids 
Po Box 360717 Birmingham, Al 35236 205-369-3111
New England Journal of Animal Health
140 Main Street  PO Box 1160  Chester, VT 05143  866-655-4889

Southeast llama Rescue (SELR)
TriState Llama Care Givers (TLC)
Brother Francis Rescue and Retirement 
Llama Rescue Net
Montana Large Animal Sanctuary & Rescue  

Morris Animal Foundation

State & Goverment
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Virginia Dept. Agriculture & Consumer Services
The Humane Society of the United States
American Society for the Pervention of Curelty to Animals (ASPCA)
American Veterinary Medical Assocation (AVMA)

E-Mail ...Groups & Boards
OSU e-mail
Yahoo groups

 Lama Journal  Alpaca and Llama Social Network


Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine
International Camelid Institute  (ICI)
Virginia Tech. Poly Institute State Univ.
University of Pennsylvania Vet. Med. (New Bolton)
Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine
Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine
Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine
Colorado State University Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine


Useful Llama Items
Quality Llama Products & Alternative Livestock
Ridge Mist Llama & Alpaca Supplies
Steven's Llama Tique & Suri Alpacas
Rocky Mountain Llamas Equipment Catalogue
Llama Stuff 
Lofty Llama
Sheepman Supply Co.
Dr. Foster & Smith Supply
Omaha Vaccine Company
Llama Hardware
 Animal ID Systems & Store


Jeffers Livestock Supply

Premier 1 Supplies
United Vet Equine
American Livestock Supply Inc
Northern Tool & Equipment
Schaefer Ventilation Equipment
Sullivan Supply
Valley Vet Supplies
Gurney's seed & nursery 
Spalding Laboratories
Mill Creek Manufacturing Co.
Horse Supplies Direct
Kauffman's Animal Health, Inc 

Feed & Mineral
Norm Evens  Feeds and Minerals
Blue Seal Feeds
Southern States Feeds
Purina Mills
Stillwater Minerals

Wilkins Insurance

Llama Logic Herd Managment Software


Trailer Dealers
Grand Champion Trailers VA,
Cox Trailer Sales, Inc. Upper Marlboro,MD   
Gore Trailers

Web site producers
Burnt Mountain Llamas
Chelle's Webweaving & Graphics

 Photos by Eva
Bev Hollis Photography

John Mallon Mallon Method
Becky Smith
Marc Page Sputter Mill Ranch
Marty McGee Bennett  
Cathy Spalding
Gentle Spirit Training

Hiking and Packing
Twin Creeks Llamas  VA
Llama Hiking with John PA
Smoky Mountain Llama Treks TN

Vet Clinics - local or regional
Luray Clinic of Vet. Med. Dr. Donna Matthews VA
Little Doc's Veterinary Care Dr. Karen Baum VA
Loudoun  Veterinary Service, Inc. VA
Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates VA
Rose Hill Veterinary Clinic  VA
Clark Vet Clinic Inc. PA  holistic

Virginia Veterinary Medical Assocation
American Association of Equine Practitioners

Camelid Transporters
West Coast Llama Transport CA 805-553-0777
Norris & Kay Berg WI 715-273-5230
M & M Llama RanchMonica Tocci-Brown MT406-755-5473
Holly Happy Hiker Llamas & Transport Service OR

Ken West Wild West Llamas Montana  406-882-4351
? Conrad Gillo  Green Mountain Llamas Vermont 802-236-0291


Llama Shows
Virginia Classic Show
Celeberity Sale & Futurity
Grand Slam Llama Event
Old Dominion Gold Cup Show
Appalachian Spring Fling Llama Show
Shenandoah ShowCase Show
Blue Ridge Alpaca Classic & Llama Show
Albemarle County Fair Show
Montgomery Co. Ag Fair Show
West Virginia State Fair
Llama Futurity Show Assoc Sale (LFA)
Virginia State Fair Llama Show
LAMAS Schooling Show
East Cost Inventational Llama Show
ALSA Regional
ALSA Nationals

Sale Sites
Celeberity Sale & Futurity
Llama Futurity Show Assoc Sale (LFA) 
South Central Llama Assoc Select Llama Sale
Suri Llama Assoc. Ancient Treasure Sale II
Hartman's Spring & Fall Festival Sale
LlamaShowcase Show & Sale, Fiber Art Festival
Walkabout VI Llama Sale
National Elite Alpaca Auction 
Cascade Llama Sale
Llamafest Select Llama Sale 
WoodsEdge Farm Suri Celebration & Pen Sale 
Hinterland -
Walkabout Finale Llama Sale

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