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2006 Middleburg Christmas Parade

Western Loudoun Co.Virginia  Llama farms this year was us and  Silo-View Farm Becky and Dave McElwain
with daughter Tina (photo taker) and Mac and Cal grand children.

mp 06 1.jpg

        Heidi  and SMC Remington          Reali and Ty

mp 06 5.jpg

Reali & Ty   Becky & Fantasia   SMC Remington & Heidi

mp 06 6.jpg

        walking,  Remingrtons hat coming off

mp 06 7.jpg

                           Becky and Mac

mp 06 10.jpg

                 Cal with his Santa hat on


mp 06 11.jpg

                    Becky with  Mac  riding Fantasia

mp 06 9.jpg

                        Silo-View Fantasia  dressed up  

mp 06 12.jpg

                          Cal and Dave     540-668-6367