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Llamas breeding pic First 60 days board is free. We prefer to hand breed vs pasture breed so your breeding dates are verified. A regimented schedule of introducing the breeding pair every tree days has given us an insight to early problem detection. We rather ultrasound for twins and monitor size of growth at 20 days than just rely on blood for progesterone levels.
Un-refundable booking fee of $          

Call or e-mail to book early for availability.
 Herd Sires   See SMF Breeding Contract  for details and Vet. Health requirements   


truck and trailer Air-conditioned 2003 Exiss four horse slant w/ dressing room drop down screened windows and individual roof vents with movable solid partitions aluminum trailer. We stop every 4-5 hours and check on the llamas. Years of livestock hauling and handling experience.
Few events we usually attend yearly Celebrity Show & Sale, Lama Futurity Association Show & Sale. 
Call or e-mail to book early for availability. Link to contracts         


Waitangi Celb Hinterland shear      

We have years of experience using hand shears and electric. We prefer using electric, Stable Mate by Lister. We have had good luck using the fine blades for the detailed show cuts and the course blades are great for complete baby cuts. About 10 minutes for a show cut, and about 20 minutes for a complete boby cut if the llama is restrained in a shoot. We can roll our  llama work station into the horse trailer, to use at your farm.

Call or e-mail to book early for availability.

For sharpening clipper blades contract Rock Botten Sharpening Service LLC in RoundHill Va at 540-338-2113 or

SMF Fiber


 SMF Fiber

100 % Llama fiber from SMF animals
Raw fleeces    $     per oz

Rovings           $     per oz
Spun skeins  (2 ply)  $6.00 per oz
Spun skeins  (1 ply)  $  per oz / skeins

Llama Mixed
Spun skeins  (2 ply)  $     per oz / skeins
Spun skeins  (1 ply)  $     per oz / skeins

fiber colors

Hand Spun 100% SMF Llama Fiber
 Call Heidi@ 540-668-6367 for avalibility.


We show at most of our local Virginia State llama shows. If you would need a hand in the show ring call. Heidi enjoys showing! Call or e-mail to book early for availability.



 llama manure

Our biggest client and neighbor The Chile Man uses Llama Manure as an chemical free organic fertilizer for several years. Fresh version looks like deer or elk pellets, llama owners call then "beans" and commit to a communal dung pile. Ideally the beans should be run through the pasture vacuum (leaf vacuum) to be mulched by the blades or allowed time to brake down and soften. Works great mixed with equine and or bovine fertilizer,  rotter-tilled into your garden soil late fall and plant seeds come spring. Used as the sole source of fertilizer it will concentrate on the green plants.  Ask us about bean tea for house plants. Llama "Beans" in Your Garden and posable another use Llama Dung May Be Used to Clean Bolivia Water Supply and Manure Converted to a Variety of Products.

       Pasture Seeding Service

Tye no-till Seeder  Service
8 foot wide, used for grass mix pasture seeding.


Page Seed Company
Products: Farm Seeds Ag and Farm
Ag Spring 2010 Sale Event (pdf)

 Call for a consolt and schedule availablity.


  Mobile SawMill Service  


       sawed 1"by 8" popluar boards for siding

           Turner Mills Mobile Saw Mill Service  
    usable log diameter up to 30 inches by 20 feet long

            * sawed 1"by 6" oak fence boards 
sawed 1"by 8" popluar boards for siding



 E-mail :   Phone : 540-668-6367